Multiple sclerosis being treated by adult stem cells

From Family Research Council:

Slapping hockey pucks around the ice rink, cracking balls around the golf course, and pounding out a 65-hour work week used to be commonplace for Barry Goudy. Then the unthinkable happened: doctors told the Southgate, Michigan businessman he had multiple sclerosis (MS). After the initial shock of the diagnosis, Barry’s wife, Anne, went to work devouring all the information she could find about MS. She read about a new adult stem cell transplant procedure, part of a clinical trial approved by the FDA and conducted at Northwestern University by Dr. Richard Burt, one of the world’s foremost researchers in finding treatments for a range of auto-immune diseases like MS. The trial involved replacing or “re-booting” Barry’s diseased immune system with a transplant of healthy adult stem cells harvested from his own body.
Within hours after being approved for the adult stem cell transplant trial, Barry and Anne booked their non-stop flight to Chicago and arrived at Northwestern Hospital. Everything went according to plan and less than a week later Barry was back home with a fresh immune system and new hope. Hear how his life has been changed in FRC’s brand new video, “Barry’s Blessings” on our website. Then share the video with your family and friends.


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