Fight to keep DOMA heats up in Washington

Dear Friends of the Family,

In Washington, where you would think our elected officials would be hard at work trying to get people back to work and the economy humming again, they are instead placating a well-funded special interest group by attempting to disassemble the institution of marriage.

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has stood as federal law since 1996, when bipartisan majorities of both the House and Senate, as well as President Clinton, worked together to define marriage at the federal level as the union of one man and one woman, and protect each state from the rogue marriage laws of others.

Not satisfied with simply erasing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) from the U.S. military, liberals are continuing their fight to reshape our values and the very foundation of the family.  With DADT no longer in place, gays and lesbians feel even more empowered to fight for special benefits, and they are now concentrating their attention on overturning DOMA. And they have found a Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate that is willing to do their bidding.

Though there are no less than 11 challenges to the federal marriage law currently in the U.S. court system, liberals in the U.S. Senate are seeking the repeal of DOMA to open the doors for the federal government to recognize same-sex “marriage.” Not only that, but if the DOMA is repealed, all 50 states would have to recognize same-sex “marriages” from other states, essentially making this counterfeit form of marriage the law of the land.

This Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee is to consider and decide on whether to advance to the full Senate the misnamed “Respect of Marriage Act” to repeal the DOMA. With liberal Democrats controlling that committee, a favorable report is expected.

When it gets to the U.S. Senate, however, Democrats are expected to have a more difficult task to muster the votes to overcome an expected Republican filibuster. Our own U.S. Senator Scott Brown, WHO HAS ALWAYS PLEDGED to support DOMA, will be a critical vote in maintaining a filibuster. Though we have no indication that he will renege on his promise, PLEASE take just two minutes to call his office, asking him to continue to support DOMA and oppose any effort to repeal it:

U.S. Senator Scott Brown: 202-224-4543

If and when a vote on the repeal of DOMA reaches the full U.S. Senate, we will contact you again to remind Senator Brown about his pledge to uphold DOMA. Until then, simply call him and thank him for his past support of the only true definition of marriage, that of a union on one man and one woman.

For our families,

P.S. Though popular culture has fallen for the commercialized “Halloween” at this time of year, for many Christians it is the two days that follow—All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day—that hold far more significance. While primarily celebrated by our Catholic brothers and sisters, it is as good time for all of us to remember our loved ones who have passed on and thank God for his great gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


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