Bill would allow more embryo experimentation in MA

On Tuesday, I testified before the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies in opposition to HB 151, an Act Clarifying Chapter 111L-Biotechnology. I began my remarks by going on record that Massachusetts Family Institute supports stem cell research, as long it does not involve the destruction of human embryos.

I proceeded to explain to members of the Committee, as well as the dozens of others there to testify on various bills, that while embryonic stem cells have yet to show any promise or cure any disease or yield any treatments, adult stem cells continue to produce all of the above.

Adult stem cells, including induced pluripotent stem cell technology, have proven to be successful in more than 73 treatments of diseases and other maladies ranging from Parkinson’s Disease to sickle cell anemia to severed spinal cords and restoration of eye sight. Embryonic stem cells have yet to achieve one single cure, despite states like California pouring more than $3 billion into research.

We should not be creating life for the sole purpose of destroying it, and that is exactly what is happening with embryonic stem cell research here in Massachusetts. HB 151 is inherently biased towards the creation and destruction of human embryos to create embryonic stem cells for harvesting at the expense of the proven use of adult stem cells.

Human embryos are human subjects, and with today’s modern technology we know this to be true more than at any other time in history. We must defend human dignity, whether in its innocent beginnings or in its adult form. Women must be protected from the exploitation that comes from financial incentives being offered for their eggs, a notoriously dangerous procedure.

CLICK HERE to read my full testimony.


The Joint Committee on the Judiciary will be hearing testimony today, April 14, at 11am in Room A-1 on SB 12 (A Proposal for Legislative Amendment to the Constitution of the Commonwealth relative to the subject matter of initiative petition). CLICK HERE to read more about this bill. If you would like to submit testimony to the Committee in opposition to this bill, please use the form on the Legislation page of our website. CLICK HERE to upload your testimony.


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